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  • Welcome to Pinal County Arizona ( this site is not affiliated in any way with "Pinal County Government" which if you Google you should find with no problems.  This site is generally for Residents, business owners of Pinal County that want to share and create a community off of Facebook where everything gets lost and participate in a local Pinal County Arizona website with other resident and business owners.

    Businesses outside of Pinal County who wish to join must get pre-approval. New members if you have questions this is the place to ask them.  This site is owned and maintained by Search Engine Professionals, llc, and Membership billing will reflect that.  All memberships go through Paypal Subscription we do not keep any transaction data on our site.  Subscriptions are Non-Refundable.  Look over the site before you join there are no guarantees and is a use at your own risk basis.  

    Community forums can get heated and if someone bugs you "BLOCK THEM".  Don't use foul language and be nice.  This site is used for identifying problems in Pinal County and finding fixes for them that means when you speak offer your solutions to a problem before knocking down someone else's.  I reserve the right to boot anyone from the site (David Malton) if you don't like that don't join.  I am building this to help my community and find like-minded men and women who want to help Pinal County Arizona grow in the right ways...  Non County Residents and Business owners put (Read This Dave) in the message area.

    Everyone understand this: if incorrect political speech leaning center/right. If supporting Trump, Free Speach, Jesus Yeshua or babies should live will affect you or your business and that scares you this site is not for you, don't join. Thank you Jesus Bless your home and business. There are NO REFUNDS. Log into your Paypal account to quit auto payments anytime. This is your responibilty.

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